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Training Courses by Geneva Education

An hour that will make a difference

  • Like everything we do at Geneva Education, our courses are targeted to teach you as much as possible in only 60-90 minutes of your time.
  • Even more importantly, we don’t just want to teach you “as much as possible” in this short amount of time. What we focus on is how much you will be able to reapply immediately after the training session.
  • We achieve this via our unique approach, which we have developed and fine-tuned over many years.


  • Our subjects range from negotiation tactics to healthy living or career planning. They can all be taught in only 60-90 minutes, and we can guarantee that you will be able to apply the learnings in your real life directly after the training.
  • Whilst some companies cover literally hundreds of subjects, we have limited ourselves to less than 50. But we are real experts in those 50 subjects – we only do, what we can do really well.
  • Click here to see our current training course list.

You choose the location

  • We hold each session exclusively for one single client, we rarely do “open” or shared sessions.
  • Our experience has shown that this gives the best results for our customers. This is mainly because the examples and discussions are relevant to all participants enabling a more targeted and focused learning process. Furthermore, this approach removes real or perceived barriers with regards to confidentiality and ease of sharing of experiences.
  • Courses are held where and when it suits your needs. This means you can fit our courses nicely into your schedules, meetings or team building events.
  • The cost and time participants spend on travelling/accommodation is minimized.

What we can guarantee

  • For Geneva Education a session is only successful if our course participants confirm that they will be able to apply a vast majority of what we teach immediately. This is what matters to us most, everything else may be important, but comes second.
  • We are not happy unless you are happy. We thrive on long-term relationships with our customers and if you are not completely satisfied with our courses, we will refund 100%.

Tailored courses

  • We can customize and tailor any of our courses to meet your specific needs.
  • Examples of customization:
  • Use of specific examples and case studies of your industry or company[/li_item]
  • Shortening/lenghtening of content[/li_item]
  • Combination with your own training material content[/li_item]
  • Combination of material from our existing courses[/li_item]
  • Use of your organisation’s templates, logos, et cetera[/li_item]
  • Integration of our session into a bigger training program, theme or event of yours.[/li_item]
  • Design of posters, follow-up training[/li_item]
  • For more information or specific requests on tailoring courses, use our tailored courses request form or call any of our office locations.
  • Our Consulting & Coaching section has more details on how we can help you with the design or improvement of your existing training courses or programs, or how we can support individuals or groups on specific skills via workshops or specific coaching sessions.


  • We do this firstly via a formal course assessment form (paper or online at your choice), and secondly via direct discussions with the participants.
  • We compile a report of this feedback, which we share with you. As mentioned above, we offer a full refund if you are not entirely satisfied.
  • We also offer follow-up and re-fresher sessions, a service enjoyed by many of our customers.


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