Training Course Design & Consulting

We help you improve your training program


e Design & Consulting by Geneva Education

What we can do for you

  • Consult you on any aspect of your organisation’s training needs
  • Improve your existing courses or training programs
  • Design new courses or entire new programs for you
  • Develop individuals or groups on specific skills or subjects in form of workshops or personal coaching sessions


What we help you with

  • Improve interactivity, enjoyment, focus and applicability of existing courses
  • Obtain maximum results from a given/limited budget or time constraint
  • Match style, teaching format and content to target audience
  • Decide on whether in-house or external design & delivery is more appropriate
  • Determine achievable learning objectives that are linked in with the organisation’s capability goals
  • Integrate single course units into a theme, event or progam.
  • Design of flow and content to best achieve the learning objectives
  • Develop effective examples and case studies
  • Determine the right duration, sequence and frequency of a course or program
  • Practical advice on ice breakers, props, food, location, group sizes
  • Applicability and design of tests and qualifications

How do we consult?

  • This very much depends on your needs: Our engagement can be as small as giving you feedback on a training presentation via email, or as big as designing an entire training program for you
  • Our consulting services often start after we have delivered one or more of our standard training courses and then develop the relationship into a long-term partnership




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