FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Training Videos and “20 Negotiation Tricks”

In spite of a lot of demand for different languages, we currently only offer the videos in English. However, experience has shown that already an intermediate level of English is sufficient to understand it, as the content is clearly spoken and supported by on-screen wording. If you did struggle to understand the language after all, we offer you a full refund for 60 days – no questions asked.
A recorded training can rarely match the interactive and situational experience of a physical training session. At the same time, our videos are an outstanding alternative where physical training sessions are not possible. There are even a few advantages the videos have, such as being able to use them whenever/wherever it suits, reviewing specific sections as often as desired, as well as lower costs and the immediate delivery of the training.
We are so confident in the benefits our videos bring to our customers every day that we offer to refund 100% of the purchase price for 60 days if you are not fully satisfied. No questions asked, no complicated refund process. Simply write a one line email to support@geneva-education.com. Please use the same email address that you made when making the payment. (If this is not possible, mention your name and order date in the email as well.) We will refund the full amount back via the standard Paypal refund process, which usually takes less than 48 hours for the money to be back on your account/card.
Yes. You will be able to select the currency during the payment process.
No. You can pay normally by credit card without creating an account. (In some countries, Paypal also accepts debit cards and other forms of payment. You will see the available payment options when clicking on the “Buy now” button.
All our DVDs are sent via Amazon Fulfilment Services dispatched from their North American or European logistics centers. Therefore, you can expect the same service that you would get from Amazon in terms of delivery locations, timing and service. Please contact us if you have more specific questions on this.
No. But you can view it as often as you like on as many devices as you like.
Yes. Please contact us at orders@geneva-education.com

Yes, the resolution and frame rate are the same and the picture quality is comparable.

2. Training Courses – Learn (almost) everything in an hour

No, but that’s not what we are trying to do. Two or three day courses usually follow the classic approach of introductions, icebreakers, background, methods, theory, exercises, et cetera. They are aimed to give you an all-round view of the subject. At Geneva Education we have a different approach: We determine the most important aspects and concrete tips that our customers can actually directly apply to their situation immediately.
Our sessions are intense. But our approach is not based on having to learn a lot by heart in a short time. Instead, it works via relevant real-life examples that everyone can relate to, usually in interactive form with the audience. In fact, our participants usually tell us after the course that they got so engaged they didn’t even feel they were in a course where they needed to pay attention to learn something.
No. What’s more important than IQ or EQ is the ambition of the individual to learn. Our approach works best for people who like to learn via examples that they can re-apply to their own lives. People who prefer a more classical approach with theory, models, methods, et cetera will still enjoy our course but possibly benefit less.
Whilst icebreakers do work, they use up time that could be spent on concrete applicable advice on the subject. We achieve the “icebreaker effect” via our real-life examples that quickly engage the audience. A further advantage of our approach is that people already expect to be “switched on” right from the beginning.
This depends on your needs – we are very flexible on our side. Bigger groups work well for “general” subjects that affect everyone such as priority setting or nutrition. Smaller groups often give the opportunity for more involvement and targeting of the individuals, such as account management or negotiation tactics in a small sales team. Tell us your needs via our training course request form, and we will give you our advice and options proposal.
Our experience has shown that this can work well if some guidelines are followed: We advice to have at least a 30 minute break between each session where the participants can really switch off (i.e. have a coffee or go for a walk rather than do emails or a short meeting). There should be no more than 2 sessions in any morning or afternoon., i.e. a maximum of 4 per day. What we do for many customers is to run 4 sessions at their site in a day, of which each employee attends 1 or 2.
We usually bring our own props, handouts and flip charts. The exception is often the projector as they are usually fitted to the location already.
Even though it is of course your choice as the customer, we usually advice not to have any food/drinks during the session as this creates distractions and delays. What works very well though is to offer food & drinks directly after the training as it facilitates the informal discussions we have with the participants after our sessions.

3. Training Course Design & Consulting

This situation is in fact very common. We usually offer a free first exploratory session where we sit down with our customer to discuss the scope, potential and deliverables of a project. Sometimes the outcome is a very active role of Geneva Education in the effort, other times we conclude that we would not add much value or that the customer can/want to do most of the work themselves.
We only do what we know we can do well. Our training course list will give you a good idea. Thereafter, simply tell us about your need using the consulting request form and we will get back to you with what we could offer.
We get this request quite often actually. The key to success is to find an “official occasion” to get the individual/group engaged with us. Once that is achieved they are almost always very positive, especially when they see that this helps them improve. What usually works very well in these situations is to have one of our standard training sessions on a related subject, followed by a more targeted coaching session with the group/individual(s) thereafter. We are very flexible here and can agree on the exact path of action after we’ve seen how the first/second sessions have gone.

4. Careers

No. We are looking for a long-term fit between the company and the employee. This cannot be forced by a contract. In order for the relationship to work at its best, we need to have the employee wanting to work for Geneva Education and vice versa.
Yes, but the process may be a bit longer as we will need to see the evidence via our practical sessions (application process part 3), which is often extended by 1 or 2 sessions in such cases.
Every employee is important and valued at Geneva Education, regardless of role. Above mentioned roles are usually recruited locally, and we will post them specifically on our website together with the required skills/experiences.