Careers at Geneva Education

Our people are our most important assets

  • Virtually any aspect of our success is based on our people. This is why we have almost paid our utmost attention to the selection, wellness and growth of our employees. It’s a win-win-win for the employee, Geneva Education and Geneva Education’s customers.
  • Likewise, Geneva Education is all about long-term relationships. This is not only true for our customers, but even more so for our employees. Whilst many of our courses give fast and immediately applicable advice, our relationships are no “quick fixes”.
  • At Geneva Education we share a passion for training & coaching, and it is exactly this atmosphere of excitement and opportunity that catches on to our customers.


What we look for in people

  • Passion for training & coaching: We love what we do at Geneva Education. This enthusiasm is our life blood, the essence for our success. The passion for training & coaching needs to be within you, it cannot be learned or acquired. (Though some people have not discovered this passion yet. This is also why “experience in training/coaching” is not strictly required to work with us.)
  • See the big picture as well as the detail: Many people are good at one or the other, but at Geneva Education you will need both. In order to deliver our mission to teach our customers the essence of a subject in only one hour, you need to have the big picture to understand what matters and what doesn’t. (This is true for both designing and performing training sessions.) At the same time, it is the immaculate detail and precision of how our courses are designed and taught that is equally essential.
  • Understand our customers: This starts with the development of our courses. We only teach what is relevant to our customers, what they can apply to their world directly after our training sessions. During the course this skill becomes even more important. Geneva Education’s ability to tune examples and interactive discussions to the situation of the customers is what many of our customers value most.
  • Effectiveness mind-set: Our customers like us for making the best use of their limited time. Geneva Education’s effectiveness is not achieved by rushing around in a hurry, but by being smart and selective in our approach. We always question everything we do to see if it can be done in a more effective way. Are you someone that has thought a lot about how they can make the best use of their time on their daily commute to work, school, et cetera? Or someone that has wondered about the respective pros and cons of a roundabout versus a traffic light crossing? If your answer to such questions is an immediate “yes”, then you do have the effectiveness mind-set we are looking for.
  • Friendly and flexible can-do attitude: You will be working with people most of the time, even when designing/consulting courses. Every training session is unique with different customer needs every time. In order to be successful at Geneva Education, you don’t just need to cope with this constant change, you actually need to like it.


Recruitment process

Our selection process can be divided into three distinct sections:

  1. Application: Consisting of a CV and a Motivational Letter. In the latter, we would like to the understand why the candidate is generally interested in a career in training/coaching, and more specifically with Geneva Education. Before applying, the candidate should carefully look at the section “What we look for” above, as we will only consider individuals who are very strong in all of those areas.
  2. Interview: There will be one or two interviews. In case of two interviews, the first one is usually via phone. Our interviews are a two-way process where we are also listening to the candidates’ interests and preferences to see if and how there could be a good match for employment.
  3. Perform training session: The candidate will perform two 15 minute training sessions. The subject of the first session will be given a few days in advance. For the second session, the candidate will only have 1 hour to prepare. In both cases, a choice of three subjects is given. The subjects are usually quite generic and we also try to match them with the experience/interest of the candidate. This is because we are not looking for knowledge in the subject, but the ability to both design and perform effective training sessions.


How to apply

  • Before applying, please read carefully through the ‘What we look for in people’ and ‘Recruitment process’ sections above.
  • If you do see a match with both our requirements and your own interests and capabilities, we will be delighted to hear from you.
  • Email both your CV and your motivational letter to (Do not use our general contact form and do not send hard copies.)