Car Negotiation: How to Get What You Want for a Fair Price


We have all been there at some point in our lives. Trying to get a new car cannot only be frustrating but extremely complicated especially if you don’t have the right negotiating tactics or a few bargaining tricks up your sleeve. Let’s face it, the car dealerships have a well trained staff of individuals who specialize in negotiating or lack there of. They may say they’re offering you the best deal in town but is that really the case? Is there a way to get a better price, one that’s fair and one that you know you deserve?

When it comes to making negotiations for a new or used car you should have a few negotiation tricks up your sleeve and shouldn’t be too worried about pulling out all the stops because we know the dealership already does this!

The first step in getting the best price for the car that you want is to arm yourself with knowledge. If you have a rough idea of what it is that you’re looking for before you start the search then finding what you want should be fairly easy. The internet provides a huge amount of information on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, but you don’t have to take that as the final fair value! There are many things that you should take into consideration when car shopping and it’s not just the manufacturer’s suggested retail price that’s going to play a factor.

If you know what you’re looking for then shop around either online or at local dealerships but go into the dealership knowing features you want and about how much value they add to the vehicle. If you’re looking for a four-wheel drive vehicle then that may add to the value of the vehicle. If you’re looking for a hybrid then you may be expected to pay a bit more for it. If you’re not already sure what you’re looking for I don’t suggest purchasing without doing some homework first!

Get chatty with the salesman, or woman, and let them know what you want and let them know what your firm price is. Chances are that they’ll tell you I can get you close to that price! Stay firm and tell them you won’t go a penny over! Try to be a bit flexible in your demands as sometimes our demands are a bit over-exaggerated and not at all in the realm of possibilities. You shouldn’t go into a dealership thinking you can purchase a car that’s retailed at $25,000 for as little as $15,000. That’s not likely to work so make sure you are realistic in your demands.

Take into consideration the miles that are on the car already if it’s a used car and the condition that they’re selling it in. If it’s a car that’s new off the lot then make sure you know about what they retail for and what types of features you’d be paying for! When it comes to the final negotiations you and the dealer should be able to come to some common ground. If you have no idea what something costs then you need to become aware of it so you’re not getting ripped of. Take a bit of time to look for what it is that you’d like and know your stuff before signing on the dotted line.